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My First Knock Off - And It's An Anthro!

First, let me sing the praises of Pinterest!  I just got an invitation too weeks ago (Thanks Mandy from Sugar Bee!)  Pinterest is an online bulletin board.  You put a handy little "Pin It" button onto your Bookmarks tool bar.  Then, when you come to a fantastic recipe, ingenious craft project, or breathtaking home design idea, you simply click on "Pin It" and the site's location and a thumbnail of the post is saved to one of your boards.  BRILLIANT!  I wish I'd thought of it, but I'll settle for loving it!

Now that my gushing is over, I will present my project to all of you!  I needed to sing the praises of Pinterest first because this fabulous brooch was the first craft project I "Pinned."  And here is the result....

My version of the Anthropologie Beaming Featherfew Pin!

I found this link to Kojo Designs on Pinterest and I was immediately IN LOVE with this pin as was Kirsten when she saw this pin at her local Anthropologie.  It is called the Beaming Featherfew Pin.  (I could not find a current listing online so I have no price comparison.)  Here is Anthro's version:

 And here is Kojo's delightful knock-off:

I looked at these beautiful pictures and followed the awesome tutorial found here.  I learned a few things along the way that I wanted to pass along.

I used an old t-shirt that I had originally planned on re-purposing for my Easter Outfit for the "petals."  I originally cut them out with the knit of the jersey perpendicular to the strips.  However, because my fabric was a bit thin, my petals did not work.  They stretched when I sewed them.  I had to re-cut all of the strips with the knit running parallel to the strip.  Here are some photos showing what I mean:

In the following four pictures, the top strip was cut with the knit running parallel to the strip (long chains), and the bottom strip was cut with the knit running perpendicular to the strip (short chains).  

After sewing...see the curve?

Turned right side out.

After knotting.

The parallel knit is much straighter. 
If you look closely at Kojo's knock off, you will see that her knits run perpendicular and she has no problems.  I am sure that I had troubles because my fabric was much thinner.

Next, I found the only way my little brain could figure out how to turn these teeny tiny tubes inside out was to use a safety pin.  I pinned the tube starting from the outside to the inside.  Next, I shoved the top through the strip which eventually turned the tube inside out.  Quick and easy!

Pulling the tubes right side out.

Here is my favorite part:

I have mentioned my vintage button boxes a few times, but this a real find:

See the rhinestones at the top?
The rhinestones at the top are a long strip of individual stones sewn together.  I picked them out one at a time to add to my beaded center!  I love the sparkle that they added to the piece! 

This is the part where I differ from the tutorial found at Kojo Designs.  I had a job in college at a copy shop/printer.  As a result we had the latest and coolest gadgets.  Our name tags were kept on by super-strong magnets.  I didn't want to attach the flower portion to a pin or alligator clip because a pin will damage clothing and an alligator clip is not strong enough.  I decided to make my own magnet backing!  Here is what you need to make one for yourself:

  • Two super-strong magnets approximately 3/8" in diameter
  • Two small hair clips (must be magnetic)
  • Super strong glue (I used Gorilla Glue, but you can use what you like.)
  • Small pliers
  • Two clamps

First, I dismantled the hair clips.  I removed the clip portion and the narrow piece in the middle.

Next, use the pliers to snap off the clip and hinge portions from the solid bar.

Follow the directions for the glue you are using and secure a super strong magnet to each end of one of the bars.

Use the clamps to secure the magnets while the glue is setting.  I began with the strong metal clips you see in the picture, but there was a problem.  Those clips were also magnetic and therefore highly attractive to the magnets.  I was afraid that they would got stuck to the glue.  I eventually switched to plastic non-attractive clips. That is not to say that they were ugly, only that they were not magnetic.  ;)

Cover the other bar with another jersey tube.  (I used my misshapen one from above.)  Fold over the edges, and sew to secure.  This piece will be next to the body so you want it to be soft.  The edges of the metal bar were rather scratchy. 

Use a hot glue gun and a strip of felt to attach the magnet strip to the back of the brooch. 

Run a straight line of hot glue across the felt back of your pin. 

Press the metal bar into the glue, magnet side out. 
Cover the center of the metal strip with a small piece of felt.

Also I used hot glue to attach my beaded portion to the front of the brooch. (I actually did this before the magnet strip, but it would probably be easier to do it after.)  I took the opportunity to attach a few more rhinestones then too.  I tried to sew them, but my thread was too thin and they kept falling off.  Hot glue was perfect!

I love the look of the gray pearl beads and rhinestones with the pale yellow petals.

I made the beaded center asymmetrical on purpose.  I thought it provided a good contrast to the circular outer petals. 

Show off your new knock off!

Can you see the sparkle?

A little off-center with this one.
Here are a few I took of myself in a mirror.  The photos are blurry, but you can tell how cute this pin is on my black shirt!

Pardon the strange photos.  I am using a very cheap mirror, and I and to do some crazy cropping to get something decent.  

This is what the photos looked like before cropping. 

After cropping.

And another...

I wore my new pin to church on Sunday and got several compliments!  See...

Smile!  My husband is taking the picture and he's a lot taller than I am. 

Here I am with a sassy hand on my hip pose!

Okay, that is enough shots of me, let's get on with it...I really had fun finding this project on Pinterest and making it my own!  I hope you find some love there too!

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