Monday, June 6, 2011

Let's Get Ready To --- RUMBA!

I went to a baby shower for a dear friend Saturday morning.  She is perhaps the CUTEST pregnant lady on Earth.
See...that's her in the pink shirt!  And yes, you recognize the yellow shirt from here.

 I decided to make some ruffle-bum onesies for her shower.  However, my mother always called them "rumba pants" so rumba pants they will forever be in my mind.

Here are the materials you need to make your own set of rumba bum onesies!

one package of onesies
super cute fabric for the ruffles
um yeah, that's it

I raided my fabric stash to find just the right prints for a stylish newborn in the 21st century, and I came up with these:

Fun and pretty.  These fabrics make a statement!
This was a totally easy project to complete.  First use a straight edge and a rotary cutter to cut fabric strips.  Cut four strips, 2" wide, from each pattern of fabric.  I used fat quarters, and I cut my strips from the narrow end of the piece.

I wanted a rough look to the ruffles so after I cut the strips I washed them in the washing machine to ravel the edges.  Wash the onesies too while you are at it.  *Use Dreft or some other baby-friendly detergent so your onesies are ready to wear right out of the box.*

Here is the pile fresh out of the dryer.
Iron the strips and trim off the stray threads.

Sew a gather stitch down the center of each strip, and gently gather.

Ironed, stitched, and ready for gathering.

 Pin the first strip across the lowest part of the bottom just at the top of the leg holes.  Tuck under each edge of the ruffle 1/4 of an inch.  Sew on the ruffle, and remove the gather stitching.  To keep the finished ruffle from getting stitched into the next ruffle, pin it down securely before pinning on the next ruffle. 

This ruffle is securely out of the way. 
Pin the next ruffle 1/4" above the stitching of the first ruffle.

Sorry for the blurry photo!
Secure each of the first three ruffles before sewing on the next.  This makes a tightly ruffled patch across the bum of the onesie!  Totally cute (if you ask me)!

Finished!  I love the compact ruffles!
Repeat the process again...
Beautiful bubbly blue!
And again...
Gorgeous green!
 And again...
Sassy stripy dots!
This was a totally easy, project to complete, and a record breaker for me.  I didn't have to pick out any stitching!  That is a first for me!!!  All of my fabrics came from a fat quarter bundle so the patterns and colors were coordinated.  I could have mixed and matched the fabrics one each onesie, but I chose to keep them with one color/pattern each.  However, when you make yours, you can go CRAZY!

The only thing left is to present them in a cute manner...

First, tuck the sleeves toward the back.  Tuck up the bottom.  Then, fold down the top to make a small roll with the ruffles on top.  Repeat with the other onesies.

All lined up and ready to go!
 Line a gift box with tissue paper and place the onesies inside...

Tucked into the box with tissue!  Soooo cute!

I opted for a very simple outside wrapping.  I used white ribbon and then taped on some small flower-shaped yo-yos made from the same fabric as the onesie ruffles.  To find a flower-shaped yo-yo maker click here.  To learn how to make yo-yos check out my tutorial here. (Flower yo-yos are a little more challenging and time consuming, but if you are only making a few it isn't too bad.)

All wrapped up and ready to go!
I had a great time making these Rumba onesies!  I encourage you to try them too! 

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