Monday, May 9, 2011

Up, Up & Away

My son has been talking about going to the Commemorative Air Force Museum for months.  He went with his Daddy for "Boy Time" a while back and has wanted to return ever since.  He took his Grandmama and Grandpapa there while they were visiting, and a great time was had by all.

The museum is located in two giant airplane hangars.  The first hangar has both airworthy and non-airworthy aircraft.  You can spot an airworthy craft by the oil pans placed underneath the engines. Much of the non-airworthy crafts are smaller and suspended from the ceilings.  Around the edges of the hangar you can find displays of uniforms, gear, and other paraphernalia that relate to the United States' involvement in international conflicts.

The second hangar is where all of the real work is done to restore the aircraft.  There are mechanics tinkering with old engines and museum members (usually veterans) who are full of great information about these amazing machines!

The hangars are not air conditioned so if you visit in the summer prepare for a HOT time!  Also, some of the airplanes leave in the summers for cooler climes.  Click here for the schedule.  You can even book rides on their B-17G bomber "The Sentimental Journey" or their B-25 bomber "Maid in the Shade." 

Here are some shots from our adventure:

A wall display
Each aircraft has an original name

Some names come with scantily clad art work.  Go "Miss Murphy!"
On the other side of the airplane she's a brunette.  (But I bet this side has more fun!)

Royal Aircraft Factory S.E.5a (3/4 scale)

This is the Razor.  I had to ask my 5 year old!

F4N Phantom II (This one reminds my kids of "Big Jet."
 I took these photos of this plane that remind me of an antique car.  The chrome and woodwork are so beautiful!

The dashboard and flight controls

The propeller (You can see me in the reflection.)  Hi!

This was my daughter's favorite airplane.  Her legs are almost long enough to reach the pedals.

Watching the aircraft be maintained in the second hangar. 

Here is the bomber just after landing.

 To watch the bomber land, we had to wait in the shade.  It was an awesome sight!

 We had a great day at the museum.  Then we went and bought some pie!  Mmmmmmm, pie..........

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The Atomic Mom said...

I thought that museum moved away? Or did something take it's place? Oh, next time we're in Mesa, I think we'll go there. The boys are nuts about airplanes.

Mrs. G.I. Joe said...

How cute! I LOVE that pic of your daughter in the airplane. It looks like you guys had an awesome day :)

Thanks for visiting my very first craft tutorial!

Linda said...

Lovely photos here!! really nice 'simple pleasure'!
glad to be following you now...

Just Jaime said...

Great shots! I'm a new follower!

My Captivating Life said...

:) We had a muesuem like that where we use to live at Robins Air Force base, the kids always enjoyed it. Glad you all had fun! :)