Friday, May 27, 2011

Fun In a File Folder

*sung to the tune of "Love In an Elevator" by Aerosmith*

Fun in a file folder,
Spreading the pieces on the ground.
Fun in a file folder,
Smiles on faces can be found.

Fun in a file folder,
Learning new stuff makes Mom so proud.
Fun in a file folder,
Just keep your voices not too loud.

I'll stop now, but you get the point...

Back before my son was born I bought a book of file folder games from a local teacher supply store.  I thought it would be useful for my kids.  I bought a book designed by Frank Schaffer.  Inside I found games about seasons, colors, letters, numbers, shapes, opposites, and matching.  All of the pages were white, single-sided black line masters just waiting to be colored, laminated, and mounted in a file folder.  I bought some fun file folders such as these available at Office Max or these at Staples.  Then I got to work coloring, and coloring, and coloring.  The book had 45 games.  Each game had at least 4 sheets to color.  It took a looooooong, looooooong time to finish.  Then there was the cutting, gluing, and cutting again after the lamination was complete.  The finished games are beautiful (if I do say so myself) and my children love them. 

Alright, I know you want to see some photos.  Here they are...

I had the file folders three-hole drilled before I mounted the games inside to make sure none of the pictures would be damaged.  

The finished games filled three large three-ring binders. 
I mounted the game title on the tab and the directions on the front cover.  Some of the games had a title that I mounted on the front cover as well.  You can see one of those in the upper photo. 

On the back cover I mounted the answer key and a clear plastic CD holder to store each game's pieces. 
Number game

Color game

Matching game

Body part matching game (I colored this so long ago that the Diamondbacks were still wearing turquoise and purple.)

Opposites game
Yeah, the pictures are all well and good, but do the kids enjoy them.  That is all that really matters, right?  Right!  Well, they LOVE them as you will see...

Here is the boy.

Here is the girl.

The boy.

The girl's toes.  They were too cute to pass up. 

Both of them playing together.  They trade games back and forth.

She wanted a carrot close-up.

Easy to take the pieces out. 

Easy to play.

It's a match!

Easy to put away. 

These pieces are the only ones in the whole book that are too large to fit in the CD holder.  Still, they stay in just fine. 
This was a massive project, but I have never regretted doing it.  My kids want to play these games nearly every day.  I can't let them have free reign of the folders.  If I did, the pieces would be one big jumble of pieces.  You know how it is!

Nowadays, you can by a book of games with pre-colored pages.  That takes a big bite out of the time commitment needed to complete a project like this.  So there you have can make file folder games for your own children, grandchildren, or students!  I encourage you to!

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