Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Lost Week

While sitting in my son's karate class last Wednesday, I began to feeling the achy, prickly, tickle across the back of my neck and shoulders.  You know the one.  The feeling that says, "I'm getting sick."  I also began to feel a slightly sore throat.  It was pretty much down hill from there.

I (like you) have no time to be sick!  I have two small children to chase.  I was preparing for an eagerly awaited visit from my in-laws over Easter.  Sunday was my big choir performance at church.  I'm the director of the choir so I couldn't just claim illness and stay home.  And of course, I had projects to finish (and then blot about) all planned.

I went to the Urgent Care on Thursday afternoon, and the diagnosis was strep throat.  I had strep back in 2000, and I remember it was awful but not this awful.  The pain in my throat kept me from eating for 5 days, and I lost 5 pounds.  (I am not advocating the strep throat diet by any means.)

I was not the best hostess while my in-laws visited.  They were very kind and thoughtful and tried to find ways to help ease my misery.  They also never noticed my barely dusted shelves and the smattering of crumbs on my carpets!

Throughout all of this, I have managed to do laundry, cook (barely), and keep my children bathed (more often than not).  Yesterday, I replaced the motor in my master bathroom vent fan (Thanks, Dad for walking me through it).  That project took an extra trip to Lowe's to complete, but don't they all, let's be honest here!  The fan has a bit of a whir.  I'll need to climb up there and do some fine tuning, but a whirring fan is better than no fan at all! 

I am getting back to "normal" (whatever that means) little by little.  I am still a little low on energy so I am giving myself until the end of this weekend to get my act together.  Next week I will be back in business!  You can look forward to lots of fun and craziness ahead!


Heather said...

Strep throat is evil. I am sorry you had to suffer.

Kristie said...

I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO thankful you are feeling better, when the mommy is sick, it is a BAD thing!!! You are too wonderful to be stuck with that icky stuff!! YAY Health!