Friday, April 8, 2011

Crushing on Hamburger Cookies

My Hamburger Cookies were chosen by Bev of Flamingo Toes to be a "Crush of the Week!"

You can check out Bev's post here. She featured several great projects from her Think Pink Sundays Linky Party. 

While you are there, check out her amazing projects and cute printables!  She is an expert at creating knock-offs of Anthropologie necklaces!  This weekend she is demonstrating one of her most popular knock offs (see it here) at Creative Estates, a blogger convention in Chandler,AZ. 

This week for me has been heavy on the chatter and light on the projects.  I have big plans for next week.  I will show you just how crazy I am when I tell you about the bedspread I am making for my king-sized bed entirely out of yo-yos.  I will show you the summer weight blanket for my daughter's toddler bed, and I may even get around to some Easter decorating!

See you then!

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