Thursday, April 7, 2011

Flora, Fauna, and Merry Weather

Yesterday I took my children to the Phoenix Zoo.  My son had a preschool field trip so we got a great deal.  His little legs tromped all over the place.  I cannot remember a day where the zoo was more beautiful.  The grass growing in the exhibits was deep green, there were flowers growing everywhere, and the sky was overcast hinting at the raindrops to come.  I admit I went a little crazy taking pictures of everything.  My son said, "Are you taking pictures of another flower, Mom?"  I took so many pictures that I ran out of batteries.  I was forced to stop when I couldn't find the back ups (they had fallen out into the bottom of my bag).  That is too bad because the Mexican wolves were quite the showmen (or women, I wasn't looking that closely).  That explains the flora and fauna portions of this post, but why the "merry weather?"  Yesterday was the perfect day for an outdoor adventure.  While the air in the morning was a bit on the humid side, by lunchtime the rain had begun and everything was crisp and cool and smelling amazing!  That is always a blessing because last week our temperatures reached 100 degrees!  ICK!  Those of us who live in the Phoenix area year-round know that the skin-searing triple digit temperatures are mere moments away so we relish beautiful weather like what we saw yesterday, and use it to spend as much time outside as possible.

Enough with all of this talk.  You want to see some pictures.  Of course you do. 

Here is some of the flora that I found in abundance at the zoo!

prickly pear cactus blossom

another variety of prickly pear
Cactus blooms only last one day before they begin to degrade.  I was lucky to find so many!

I have no idea what this is, but it looks really cool!
I wanted to wade right into the middle of these!
Love, love, love the two-color petals!
Who doesn't love fragrant roses!

This is the stump left when a large branch was removed.  So COOL!
Hibiscus blooms are awesome!
Faux Flora
Next we have some of the ever-spectacular fauna...

The lioness looking large and in charge.
See the beautiful grass!
This shot should be a postcard!
This guy had so much personality!

This shot is for Bev @ Flamingo Toes!
How about that profile!
You've got to love the warty pigs!
Together now, AWWWWW!
This little guy was living at the top of the elephant enclosure. 

Faux Fauna
And a few shots of the Merry Weather!

I love this picture!
Do you see the raindrops disturbing the surface of the water?
Finally, a few shots of my own little monkeys...

Look at me!
Look at Mommy, Sweetie!

No, not at each other, at me!
I'm over here!
Oh wait, that is a real monkey...

Here, here, here, here, here!
*Shaking head* Never mind...

 We had a great day!  You should visit a zoo near you soon!  May your day be full of Flora, Fauna, and Merry Weather too!


Tina said...

I LOVE the pictures and the witty titles. Fun times.

Kristie said...

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO fun!!!! I loved all the shots, it really is a great camera, or you were supremely lucky that day!!! I LOVE the shot with the clouds and the tree branches, AWESOME!!!!! I have days like this when NO ONE looks at me too, I feel your pain! Ha ha ha!!Of course you were at the ZOO!!! ;) Love you!!! Congrats again on crush of the week, SO cool!!!!

The Atomic Mom said...

I love Phx in the spring. Serioulsy, I miss the rain in the dessert smell as well. Nothing like that here.

Anonymous said...

nice photos!!!

(via Shutter Love Tuesday)

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