Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Dress Up Your Drawers!

As you may know, I am redoing my daughter's bedroom.  Yesterday I showed how adding a little fabric dressed up THIS bookcase.  Today I'll show you how I fixed up the open-backed spaces in the shelf.  I picked up four of these small canvas storage drawers like THESE.  I added a little paint and...Voila! I had this....

My daughter saw her shelf and said, "I LOVE IT!"

My canvas drawers a slightly smaller than the ones linked above.  That was important because I had some electronics connectors and plugs taking up some of the space in the middle right square.  See...

The smaller sized drawer doesn't even touch the plug!

O. K.  Here's what you need to make these cute drawers...

Four canvas storage drawers.

I picked up mine at Walmart.  They come in several different colors.  Choose the ones that match your decor.

One smiling girl, some acrylic paint, stencils, spouncers.

It was all I could do to work on this project without this girl on top of me.  She wasn't interested in the Super Bowl which you can just make out in the background playing on the television.  

This plate is left over from my son's first birthday.  (He's seven.)  I'm not a hoarder, really I'm not!

I needed only a small squirt of paint.  I used the medium and small sized spouncer to fill in the stencil.  The medium-sized spouncer fulled in the larger spaces easily.  I needed the small spouncer to get into the corner details.  You could also use a sponge brush. 

I laid out the stencil and held it down while I painted.  The stencil was small, and the canvas took the paint nicely so I didn't need to tape the stencil down to the drawer.  I know, I was living on the edge.  I am just lucky it worked out.  

Here are the finished drawers.


All four drawers

Left and right drawers
Top and bottom drawers

The finished shelf is perfect!  My daughter can't wait to fill them up with all of her precious treasures. 

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