Thursday, September 15, 2011

I'm Baaaaack! (Kinda)

Whew!  We have been so busy lately getting the business up and running. I have lost 15 pounds on the "Harrison Law Diet."  I realize that it is time to go pick up my son from Kindergarten and I have been so busy that I have missed lunch completely.

In more somber news, my father passed away on Labor Day.  It was unexpected but not surprising.  He'd been in and out of the hospital several times in August, and it was just his time to go "home."  His services were very nice and now my son thinks that every funeral includes a bagpiper.  :)

Here is some happy news...My husband's website is up and running.  Click HERE or on the logo below for a look.  Tell me what you think...(but I LOVE it)!  Our graphic designer did a wonderful job!  I especially love our logo!

It is awesome, right?  I absolutely LOVE how the two "R's" are turned into the scales of justice.  COMPLETELY COOL!

Have no fear.  I am still making yo-yos, I am still cooking, and I am still working on crafts.  I hope to soon have some time blog about it all.

Have a great day!

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Kristie said...

YAY!!!! I LOVE the 2 R's as well, LOVE them !!!! Did you have the best birthday ever??? I hope so!!!!Love you!!